What’s Going Down at Dorset?

This week has flown by so quickly. We first started off learning about bar counts and the history of hip hop evolution. Then there was some free-styling and battling. Finally, it was on to the immense and creative task of picking your beat, finding your collaboration group, and coming up with the lyrics and the tune. Today is Thursday (pre-workshop) and already our group has grown tremendously, in numbers as well as in experience. Today, the youth will be practising and memorizing their lyrics for the big day tomorrow.

As the coordinator for this event, I must say that it’s been wonderful to see the individual growths which have occurred beyond the music. Our youth opened up about themselves and towards each other. They worked alongside one another, giving each other good advice and of course, good company.

This week has been really intense and would not have happened without a lot of people and volunteers behind our back for support. You know who you are and we, the Scarborough Arts Council, thank you graciously for your dedication to this program.

Make sure you pop into the pics and vids section to see what we have from our experiences at Dorset Park. And remember, if you enjoyed this week, we still have open registration for 2 other locations where you will get the opportunity to work with a different group as well as create a totally different track. I can’t wait to see the end result. Keep up the great work guys!


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