ESBGC Tracks It Down

We are coming to the wrap-up of The Borough Most Thorough at the East Scarborough Boys and Girls Club as the week comes to an end. There has been so much action happening at this club with all the kids’ “revved up and ready to go” attitude.

Today, these musical geniuses got the chance to have a simulated studio experience. Within each group, these youth came up one by one to experience what it would be like when it came down to recording. Our instructor Dan-e-o made sure to give them helpful advice as they practiced:

1 – Don’t bop or move around or jingle anything as you sing or rap! The mic picks up all the little sounds too even though it’s great that you are feeling the music.

2 – Make sure you are facing the microphone as you sing or rap! We want to make sure we record you properly!

3 – Get that sheet of lyrics memorized! It will be much easier in the studio when you are not stumbling for words. Also, listeners will be able to feel that passion and emotion coming from your lyrics when you are not reading it off of a sheet. It seems that almost everyone has their lyrics memorized, which is great to see.

Great work today in the workshop guys. Sorry you didn’t go swimming but it was still nice to see you there. See you tomorrow! Come ready to record and remember what Dan-e-o said: Don’t touch the equipment! Ask him or Future(our engineer) to help you out!

Words of the day? …Layering, ad libs, and harmonizing!


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  1. Jennifer D. Fabico
    Jul 23, 2010 @ 02:11:59

    Interested in signing up for a workshop or two? Make sure you contact me, Jen as soon as you for registration or information details. We only have two locations left accepting registrations and one of those two are nearly full!

    Give me a call at 416-698-7322 or email me at


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