TBMT gets YOUnited

The Borough Most Thorough's sound engineer Future recording Sarujan "Mint" Ravindran's track "Life from A 2 Z" during TBMT's 4th week at the Malvern Branch Toronto Public Library. Photograph courtesy of Jennifer D. Fabico.

Scarborough Arts Council gets YOUnited with YOU at the Youth Arts Meeting on Wednesday, August 11th. Earlier this week, right after one of our workshops, I got the chance to speak to other youth arts organizations within Scarborough. We discussed the importance of Scarborough’s reputation, community involvement and of course, community in supporting the arts –which I’m sure all of you TBMTers know much about. Later on in the evening, someone had brought up the topic of not having enough programs offered in their Scarborough neighbourhood.

I think that it is very important that we continue to support our neighbours, but also make sure they are getting the same amount of support. If you enjoyed the program of The Borough Most Thorough, I openly welcome you to write a letter stating so. You could choose to mail the letter into to me or pass it along in a workshop. This is only the first step to expanding our program. If you liked it, we need to hear from you! Do you want to see it in other neighbourhoods of Scarborough? Would you like to see it throughout the school year? Make sure you get your voice heard and “write” away!


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