Triple Threat

Brittany Chan practices her second song "The Triple Threat" during TBMT's 5th week at the Pro-Tech Media Lab.

Today is the last day of The Borough Most Thorough’s Week 5 at the Pro-Tech Media Lab. As you may already know, on this day, our sound engineer Future comes in to record the tracks. This week will be no different. We have two tracks this week: Pickles and The Triple Threat. Great job this week Aretina and Brittany. This is the fastest we have seen two songs by the same artists be pushed out.

I have a couple people who got into contact with me for next week’s program at ACSA. There are still a couple spots open, so make good use of your weekend and register. Or, take a chance and just come out on Monday. We will be holding it at 2821 Birchmount Avenue, Unit 114. It’s just a bit south of Finch on the east side. Everyone is so excited for the final week so we could hear all of the tracks. It’s a little early but thank you to all of those people who made this program happen this year and thank you to the youth who came out.

For now, check out some pictures from Pro-Tech or check out the other locations we’ve been to. See you in the recording booth!


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