Details to Subtext — A Must Read for Everyone!

Hello TBMT-ers!

One week and a day left to our TBMT launch party. Hooray! We have our performances by our guest artists lined up and ready to go and we have a lot of great stuff for you guys… for free! But free stuff is limited! With your TBMT2010 CDs, you will also be receiving a thank you package (altogether, valued at $40.00). So make sure you come and get it or else you are missing out! Please note that you may not assign someone else to pick up your package. IT MUST BE YOU! If you are not a registered participant on the list, you are not eligible for a TBMT pack. It is exclusive for TBMT-ers just to show them how special they are. If you are unable to come and pick it up at Subtext, make sure you get into contact with me before September 10th, 2011, so I reserve it for you. You will need to pick it up at the Scarborough Arts Council at 1859 Kingston Road. But make sure you call before coming in or else you run the risk of being turned away without product in hand. Please do not attempt to pick it up before September 11th.

Also, because you are so privileged in receiving all of this free swag and will be outdoors, please make sure you respect the people and the space involved. Everyone has worked really hard to get this up for you! It’s seriously going to be a huge party! Please don’t spoil it for someone else by littering or vandalizing stuff. Put your trash in the trash bin! 🙂

Other than that, we are working really hard on this end to get you all your stuff in proper and pristine quality. Congratulations guys! Your CD is looking great (I did the art work) and it is sounding great too (Future has been working really hard). Don’t miss out! Bring your fam, bring your friends! Look for me and sign my T-shirt and poster! See you there!


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