TBMT Finale!

Dan-e-o and JFab say "Au Revoir" to TBMT 2010. Keep in touch with SAC and B2DS for TBMT 2011!

Hello TBMT-ers

It is almost the end of summer and time went by very quickly. Thanks for being a part of our Borough Most Thorough 2010. It was a pleasure to work with you this summer and listen to all the talent and inspiration that Scarborough has to offer. As a high school teacher, I never get to experience events like these as much as I would like to and you have truly made my summer what it is. Thanks for participating in these great workshops and I hope it will convince you to come out again in future years. There are so many people to thank for making TBMT2010 possible: Scarborough Arts Council, Beatz 2 Da Streetz, our 6 partnering communities but especially our participants. Without you, we would not be doing this in the first place. Applauses to everyone who was a part of this great success and don’t forget to come out to Subtext on Saturday, September 11, 2010 at the Lawrence Avenue bridge separating Galloway and Orton Park. It starts at 10:30 with our mayor’s opening and a special guest appearance! Make sure you reserve your spot and come out to enjoy the artistic skills, food and so much more!

Also, make sure you come over to Jen’s TBMT tent to sign and autograph some stuff and to pick up your own packages! (Trust me, they are worth coming down…you guys are lucky!)


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