TBMT's sound engineer, Future, working diligently on the Borough Most Thorough's tracks.

What a quick summer and what a quick change in weather to start the new season. And I’m glad that one of the first things I get to do this season is kick it off with a launch party! Let’s hope that the weather will be a little nicer then than it has been this week. But just in case, make sure you bring a light jacket.This week is also going to be quite busy — tomorrow, we’ll be receiving more of your free product and Future and I will be delivering the TBMT Master CD. Hopefully we’ll get a sneak peak at how your CDs are looking. This is so exciting! Did you know that yours truly did the CD layout? Don’t worry… it’s good and professional looking! You’ve all seen my drawn microphone! 😀

TBMT-ers have been so shy to accept the yummy foods we have been providing, but just so you know –we will be providing food and drinks… also free. And admission is free for everyone. There is no age restriction to coming out. We have something for everyone to enjoy! And entertainment is free! Exclusive for TBMT-ers are free gift packages! We just love giving away free stuff! Come join me and sign my free shirt too!


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