Subtext? No Sweat!

Ms. Monique from ESBCG on the front page of the S&S

Your packages are almost done and they are looking SWEET!!! We’ve definitely been working hard on all fronts especially since we are only 2 days away from the launch! Photos and videos are going up tomorrow for sure. It’s so hectic here! AHHHH!!!! But they will be up and they will make you smile 🙂 The music will be under the Facebook account for now because wordpress is not being too kind on uploading music. Until that is figured out, they will be on facebook. And if anything, you will have your CDs! Yay!

Make sure you come out this Saturday… wow… you guys have got quite the line up going on here and next year is looking promising too even though we are a year away. Make sure you walk away with your armful of free stuff… you don’t want to miss out. And get your stuff autographed!!! Now, your challenge: find me on Saturday and sign my shirt. Catch me, sign my shirt and poster = freebies. Got that? No sweat then! See you Saturday! …And bring a jacket, an umbrella, and probably a bag to take all your free stuff home. Hah!


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