Subtext Up!

Karin, Executive Director of Mural Routes takes a picture of SAC Executive Director, Tim Whally as he opens up the Subtext Multi-Arts Festival on Saturday, September 11, 2010.

Hey guys! Here’s the stuff I pulled out of my camera from the Subtext Multi-Arts Festival (not all are up yet…my home internet is way to slow at doing this. So check back under Pics &Vids).  It was a 2 day event on Saturday, September 11 and Sunday, September 12, 2010 under the Lawrence Avenue East bridge which separate Orton Park and Galloway. It was my first time there (not including other visits to the other side of Morningside Park) and it was a blast! Thank you to everyone for coming out and being a part of this large success.

Like me, if you thought this event was a big success please contact Karin Eaton from Mural Routes or Ben Lopes from Scarborough Arts Council to see how we could do it again next year to paint up the other side of the bridge! They have been working diligently on this project before anyone knew it was even called “Subtext” and they are really awesome people too. Give them your thanks and support! The number is 416-698-7322 or email (Ben) or (Karin).

If you have other pictures of Subtext, I would love to put them up here to share with everyone! Please send them in and we could have a community/Subtext photo share! You could email them to me at and I will make sure to post them for you continuously as they pool in. Congratulations to all who were involved! It has been a summer to remember forever in the best way possible. Much love and respect to all of you! Peace out and enjoy the pictures! -JFab


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