TBMTers, Stay in the Loop!

Dear Borough Most Thorough-er,

Thank you for participating in The Borough Most Thorough.   It was a great summer at Scarborough Arts Council and you helped make it so!   If you haven’t see the videos yet, check it out here.

But it doesn’t have to be over – here’s three easy ways you can stay in touch with us at SAC.

Stay in the Loop
If you would like to receive updates about new programs and opportunities, sign up for our monthly email newsletter.  How?  Just hit reply to this email with the message “please keep me on your email list”.  You can also follow our activities and events by joining our facebook group.

We are also always looking for volunteers to help out with various events and tasks at Scarborough Arts Council.  If you have a couple hours a week to spare, or want to collect some community service hours, give us a shout and we’ll put you to work!  To sign up, fill in an online volunteer questionnaire or contact us at ed@scarborougharts.com.

Become A Member of the new SAC
Over the next few months, Scarborough Arts Council will be undergoing some major changes, with a brand new look and membership options.  While we can’t give you all the details yet, please consider becoming part of our membership this fall!   As a SAC member, you’ll receive monthly email updates about SAC programs and our Surface & Symbol bi-monthly arts newspaper.  Members are eligible for discounts on SAC programs and services and we can help promote your other arts activities within our network. Most importantly, you’ll be part of our dynamic arts community here in Scarborough.   If you’re interested, either sign up for our e-news or email us at info@scarborougharts.com and  let us know you’d like information about the new SAC when it’s available.

Calling all writers!

Attached is a poster about a youth writing contest – the deadline is Nov 1, all writing forms are eligible and it’s FREE to enter!  Song lyrics are eligible! You’ll find the application form online here.

Have a great fall and we hope you’ll be in touch!

The staff at Scarborough Arts Council
416 698-7322


Vids to Share

Just a couple things to share which I did not get time to post earlier. Anyhow, here it is! The first link is Track #2 on the TBMT 2010 CD. Thank you Chris Dundas-Robinson for putting it together to post.

Track 2: Warriors

With Talent, TJ and C-Note


Track 6: In the Moment

With Talent and TJ




Subtext Up!

Karin, Executive Director of Mural Routes takes a picture of SAC Executive Director, Tim Whally as he opens up the Subtext Multi-Arts Festival on Saturday, September 11, 2010.

Hey guys! Here’s the stuff I pulled out of my camera from the Subtext Multi-Arts Festival (not all are up yet…my home internet is way to slow at doing this. So check back under Pics &Vids).  It was a 2 day event on Saturday, September 11 and Sunday, September 12, 2010 under the Lawrence Avenue East bridge which separate Orton Park and Galloway. It was my first time there (not including other visits to the other side of Morningside Park) and it was a blast! Thank you to everyone for coming out and being a part of this large success.

Like me, if you thought this event was a big success please contact Karin Eaton from Mural Routes or Ben Lopes from Scarborough Arts Council to see how we could do it again next year to paint up the other side of the bridge! They have been working diligently on this project before anyone knew it was even called “Subtext” and they are really awesome people too. Give them your thanks and support! The number is 416-698-7322 or email programs@scarborougharts.com (Ben) or karin@muralroutes.com (Karin).

If you have other pictures of Subtext, I would love to put them up here to share with everyone! Please send them in and we could have a community/Subtext photo share! You could email them to me at ynnejfabico@hotmail.com and I will make sure to post them for you continuously as they pool in. Congratulations to all who were involved! It has been a summer to remember forever in the best way possible. Much love and respect to all of you! Peace out and enjoy the pictures! -JFab

Crow via Mint

Hey guys, if you came from TBMT@Malvern, you will know Mint. Check out this amazing video with his brother Crow (part of Daniel’s School of Rap several years ago). If you wanna share something, just shout out!


Aisha performing Champions under the Lawrence Avenue East bridge at the Subtext Multi-Arts Festival. Photograph courtesy of Jen Fabico.

Here is Aisha, TJ and Terina’s song, “Champion”. Listen to it and then love it 🙂


The Aftermath

JFab and Talent at the Subtext Multi-Arts Festival. Photography Courtesy of Cian Knights.

Hey guys! Congratulations on your launch party! I saw so many of you guys out (under and over the bridge). Some came at 10:30 like Aisha and some were there until the very end at 5 like Taije. I have a whole bunch of pictures. And as always… give me a while, perhaps Tuesday to put them up. I will also be posting them on facebook for those who have me on their list. Tag yourselves in the pictures: there are so many of you! Hahaha. Yesterday was a blast and it was a beautiful wrap up to everything. We had performances by so many people, including our very own TBMT-ers! That was awesome for sure –probably my favourite part of the day! Congratulations guys!

If you enjoyed TBMT this year, we are hoping you will keep in touch and be with us again next year! What an amazing project and the turn out was even greater than years before! Applauses to everyone! Enjoy your CDs and THANK YOU for signing all of our stuff yesterday! They are finding homes at Beatz 2 Da Streetz, Scarborough Arts Council, myself and an extra one, probably be for our funders.

If you haven’t picked up your package, please let me know. There aren’t many people who haven’t but yeah. Talk to me tomorrow (Monday) please and thank you. Enjoy the tracks and stay tuned for the CDs! Subtext still runs today from 10-4. I won’t be there but I am gunna try to sneak out of my stuff early so I can make it down. So you might see me if the plan works! Hah!

Aishaspoetry Promo!

Just talking with the lovely Ms. Aisha Farah and her participation in Urban Arts. Check them out! Even Aisha says so and you’ll be happy you did! Aisha’s putting her rhymes out there! What are you doing? Keep us updated but for now Aisha is updating YOU!

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