Subtext in 12

Subtext swag ready for pick up. Photograph courtesy of Cian Kights.

Subtext is 12 hours away. Go get your rest and bring some warm sweaters or jackets … and a bag! So you could bring home all of your free stuff! Visit me in my TBMT booth and sign off on all the stuff. That’s right –I want your autograph! It isn’t over yet and I already miss you guys 😦


Pics and Vids UP!

Yes! Finally, we have all the pictures and videos up…GO CHECK THEM OUT and get pumped for the Subtext Festival! It’ll be AMAZING! Check us out on facebook on our fan page to get a sneak peek preview to the songs! So much to do, check it out!


TBMT2010 poster set up under the bridge and waiting to be signed...ahh the wait before Subtext.

Want to have a listen to the TBMT tracks? Well, you’re just going to have to visit our Borough Most Thorough tracks. Check it out for some teasers… of course we won’t put all of them up before Subtext! But it’s pretty awesome! Enjoy the tracks!

The Borough Most Thorough

P.S. all other TBMT 2010 information will still be posted here.

Subtext? No Sweat!

Ms. Monique from ESBCG on the front page of the S&S

Your packages are almost done and they are looking SWEET!!! We’ve definitely been working hard on all fronts especially since we are only 2 days away from the launch! Photos and videos are going up tomorrow for sure. It’s so hectic here! AHHHH!!!! But they will be up and they will make you smile 🙂 The music will be under the Facebook account for now because wordpress is not being too kind on uploading music. Until that is figured out, they will be on facebook. And if anything, you will have your CDs! Yay!

Make sure you come out this Saturday… wow… you guys have got quite the line up going on here and next year is looking promising too even though we are a year away. Make sure you walk away with your armful of free stuff… you don’t want to miss out. And get your stuff autographed!!! Now, your challenge: find me on Saturday and sign my shirt. Catch me, sign my shirt and poster = freebies. Got that? No sweat then! See you Saturday! …And bring a jacket, an umbrella, and probably a bag to take all your free stuff home. Hah!

Hear Here!

I just watched some video documentaries which you haven’t seen yet! (Ooo!) Stay seated guys, that is not all the news… expect a sneak peak for your video docs and tracks here. That’s right! I said it! You’ll find clippets and teasers here soon… very very soon. (And obviously before Subtext). Oh man, they are just too great. You’ll see… in a little bit. 🙂


TBMT's sound engineer, Future, working diligently on the Borough Most Thorough's tracks.

What a quick summer and what a quick change in weather to start the new season. And I’m glad that one of the first things I get to do this season is kick it off with a launch party! Let’s hope that the weather will be a little nicer then than it has been this week. But just in case, make sure you bring a light jacket.This week is also going to be quite busy — tomorrow, we’ll be receiving more of your free product and Future and I will be delivering the TBMT Master CD. Hopefully we’ll get a sneak peak at how your CDs are looking. This is so exciting! Did you know that yours truly did the CD layout? Don’t worry… it’s good and professional looking! You’ve all seen my drawn microphone! 😀

TBMT-ers have been so shy to accept the yummy foods we have been providing, but just so you know –we will be providing food and drinks… also free. And admission is free for everyone. There is no age restriction to coming out. We have something for everyone to enjoy! And entertainment is free! Exclusive for TBMT-ers are free gift packages! We just love giving away free stuff! Come join me and sign my free shirt too!

A Little Bit of Q&A

Sherrie Ann and Taisha, youth workers from ACSA participating in TBMT's Week 6.

Hello faithful followers!

I just thought I should mention this since I have been receiving several questions regarding your production status.  If you did email or call me about concerns, you will know the answer already as I get back on a timely manner; however, for everyone else’s knowledge, it is here. I have generalized the questions so hopefully even you won’t know that it was you asking the questions. 🙂 Hah!

Q: Where are the photos and videos from my location?

A: Photographing the last couple weeks were difficult because several youth did not hand in their photo/video consent and release forms. If you did not hand in this form to me during that week, you did not have pictures or videos taken of you by me. Therefore, there will be none of you. However, if you have given in your forms, expect pictures right after the Labour Day holiday.

Q: I haven’t seen my video documentary from my location up anywhere. Where do I find this?

A: TBMT-ers, we have been keeping you in the dark! …But for good reason! You will see that some have been posted and some were posted and taken down and others were just not put up. We have decided to add a little more “umph” to your videos to spice it up. The great unveiling will be at the Subtext Festival! (I KNOW! Everything is happening there!) After this great unveiling, they will be posted online here for everyone to see.

Q: I have finished recording quite a while ago, why are my tracks not up yet?

A: As you know, the great unveiling will be taking place on September the 11th at the Lawrence Avenue bridge – 10:30AM sharp. Why reveal them in chunks? I love the tension on the great mystery! …But seriously, that’s what launch parties are for. 🙂

Q: I heard rumours that The Borough Most Thorough was in the papers and on the television. Is this true? Where can I find it?

A: Of course you guys want to see yourselves in print and on-screen! Congratulations to our participants who have signed those photo and video release forms! Check out the Scarborough Mirror from August 20th, or give them a call so they could send you a copy. AND check out the Surface & Symbol –front page baby! Congrats guys! (Email me before September 9th if you want a copy). And stay tuned for the on-screen debut… I love surprising you guys!

Q: So, what is going on with The Borough Most Thorough for next year?

A: Enjoyed this program? Well, keep in touch with us so we could fill you in in regards to next year – Scarborough Arts Council is currently working very hard to continue serving you with community programming. What you could do in the meantime to ensure your TBMT program comes back for following years is write us a letter. That’s right! Tell us about your TBMT 2010 experience in writing and email it in to or snail mail it to 1859 Kingston Road, Scarborough ON, M1N 1T3.

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