Daniel “Dan-e-o” Faraldo

Toronto emcee Dan-e-o first came into prominence in 1996 with his debut single and video, “Dear Hip Hop”. Helping to cement his status as one of Canada’s greatest lyricists as a result, Dan-e-o moved on to release a string of albums and videos over the next decade as both a soloist and member of the Scarborough hip-hop collective, Monolith.

“The School of Rap” is Dan-e-o’s hip-hop song writing program. Founded in 2006, Dan-e-o’s workshops have taken nearly 30 different youth groups throughout the greater Toronto area on a “life of an artist” excursion that culminates in a professionally mixed, mastered and manufactured CD project.

In the summer of 2010, the Scarborough Arts Council enlisted Dan-e-o’s services for their third annual “Borough Most Thorough” project. Six youth groups over six weeks will experience Dan-e-o’s program to create the biggest project in its history. For more information on Dan-e-o, check out http://www.dan-e-o.com and download his latest full-length project, “Dilla Pickles” FREE!


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