Jennifer “JFab” Fabico

Hi, my name is Jen and I am the Program and Outreach Coordinator for the wonderful program of The Borough Most Thorough. I’ll be honest, I stepped into this program just this year and had no idea what to expect from it. All I knew was: for this summer, I would be able to work with youth within an urban music program. But really, my job description expands vastly beyond that little header. As some of you may already know, when you are registering into the program, you will probably find me on the other end. Registrations, food, supplies, site visits, budgets, allergies, the blog, managing our TBMT staff, coordinating with partnering sites and so much more – you name it, I will probably have an answer for you.

But for me personally, The Borough Most Thorough has been more than just a list of tasks to do. I get to speak to a lot of the parents and/or youth before they even get to start the program. I get to know them beyond their allergies and email addresses – what irks them, what inspires them and what drives them (and sometimes who) to make music, poetry and other forms of self expression. After all the phone calls are done, I get to see them in action. Visit my pictures and videos section and you’ll get to see only a peek at what I get to experience at the workshops. I learn about all the secret and hidden geniuses behind each face.

Asides from being the Program and Outreach Coordinator for TBMT, I am visual arts and English teacher for high school kids, a writer, a painter, and a photographer. Not to be boastful, but I could go on all day about my different experiences. BUT, I am not a rapper nor have I been one in the past. I was in the church choir for six years – but singing church hymns is quite different from a freestyle rap battle. Nevertheless, though my background in music is very different, I would not trade this experience for anything. TBMT is truly an amazing program and I am glad that youth have really taken ownership of what is available and step up to being a large part of their community.

Keep up the great work and stay fab!



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