Terina “Mills” Miller

Terina Miller is the vocal assistant for The Borough Most Thorough urban music hip-hop workshop. There, she demonstrates the importance of voice projection, lyrical content, and breathing technique. She hopes to inspire the children in believing in themselves when it comes to goals and dreaming big.

While growing up her family was tremendously involved in her development as a singer from an early stage. Terina Miller first started singing in the church choir as lead singer at the age of four, which is when her Aunt realized her unique talent.  Her Aunt took an active hand in exposing her in competitions across North America. Growing up in a house filled with music, Terina knew from the very beginning that music would play an important part in her life. She started writing as an outlet to express her inner thoughts and as a tool to break through her worriers. While expressing her thoughts on paper, she developed her love of song writing.

As an artist with a keen and well-trained ear for powerful, magnetic R&B, Terina was intensely involved in every aspect of her creations: from being fiercely independent while writing her own songs to choosing her producer and musical collaborations. Terina wants to make music that inspires hope in all people no matter where you live and what age they are. Terina’s message of love and her own personal journey combine together to make music with a message….anything is possible.


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